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Will Beatles song be withdrawn? – The New Dark Age – #2


The current wave of barbarism sweeping the world especially, it seems in the Anglosphere has morphed from street parades to rioting, occupations, statue toppling, censorship and demands for change in all manner of things. Some demands are reasonable, others are nonsensical, others represent a demand that a particular viewpoint be given precedence over others.

I am of the view that some of these demands stem either from ignorance, perhaps wilful ignorance by some, or from stands being pursued by activists.

In the UK we have seen statues of slave traders toppled, an episode of Fawlty Towers withdrawn – the Don’t be beastly to the Germans one and the whole of Little Britain.

So now that allegations that the iconic Penny Lane in Liverpool was named after an alleged slaver will the famous McCartney song be next?

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