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Sloppy Journalism #32: Shades of 1984 in this piece at Newsroom – #2


Following my earlier post about the Jack Vowles article, here is a follow up

Another response was this:-

The article was somewhat more nuanced than the Newsroom tweet suggested, but still , in my view glossed over the problems that have been revealed. Indeed, I suspect that we are seeing the looseness in language apparent in Ardern’s PR spin of earlier times coming back to bite her, hard, and deservedly so.

Furthermore, however Vowles tries to justify the government’s recent performance, the fact is it has been found wanting and some journalists have refused to swallow the Ardern spin.

However, we should see this in the context of this recent items from One News

Realistically, when you read the Vowles article he seeks to defend the Ardern regime, now if this was an isolated incident one might, and I stress might give them the benefit of the doubt, but throughout the crisis there has been many incidents of failure and I think people have had enough of the spin, obfuscation and stupidity from the regime and from the officials.

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