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The Life and Death of the Scharnhorst – BBC 1971


The Life and Death of the ‘Scharnhorst’ with Ludovic Kennedy Forty-one years ago, on Boxing Day 1943, the most successful warship in the German Navy was sunk, off the North Cape of Norway, by the guns and torpedoes of the British Fleet. So ended a career during which the German battleship had sunk an aircraft carrier, an armed merchant cruiser, two destroyers and well over 100,000 tons of merchant shipping.

Ludovic Kennedy (whose father commanded HMS
Rawalpindi, the first ship sunk by the Scharnhorst) tells the story of the battleship’s four years of war. The programme includes remarkable action film and participants in both navies.

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  1. 02/07/2020 14:50

    Just watched this after it came up in my YouTube feed a couple of days ago. An interesting documentary with great first person input. That the presenter was the son of a commander whose ship was sunk by the Scharnhorst made it that much more poignant.


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