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New Culture Forum – So What You Are Saying Is: The Long March Through the Institutions: How the Left Won the Culture War & What To Do About It Culture War Response


June 26, 2020

The New Culture Forum’s brand new publication “The Long March Through The Institutions: How the Left Won the Culture War” may be downloaded free of charge from our website:…

On this week’s “So What You’re Saying Is…”, Marc Sidwell, author of the above publication, sits down with Peter Whittle to discuss how so many British institutions (from media to academia, NGOs to the civil service) came to be dominated by the left.

How does culture shape political power? Many Conservatives now fear that victory at the ballot box is not enough. Despite Boris Johnson’s triumph in the 2019 election, they sense that a larger cultural battle has been lost. Some accuse the left of mounting a secret, slow-motion takeover, inspired by the ideas of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci – the ‘long march through the institutions’.

The New Culture Forum’s new book by Marc Sidwell uncovers the truth: a tangled history in which active subversion runs alongside unintended consequences and missed opportunities. Armed with a clearer understanding of the left’s long march, it also reveals new possibilities for fighting back.

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  1. Tom Hunter permalink
    05/07/2020 12:33

    A culture war that has been enabled by all those Bush/Goldwater Republicans who so excite you in their hatred and opposition to Trump. A culture war that has led to a new peak of brutality in its battle to destroy him and his voters. A culture war that will only deepen and intensify in the years ahead because it’s nearly captured the Democrat Party and there appears to be no Bill Clinton-like figure to “triangulate” with a Sister Souljah moment.

    You really just don’t get this do you? They’re coming for people like you as well, and all the Trump-hatred in the world won’t save you then. Like the Bush Republicans you think you’ll be okay as a mere tax-cutting right-winger.

    In terms of jobs, careers and a normal life you won’t be. But right now you’re what Lenin called a useful idiot.


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