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Jones breaks the Northland drought with the first shower of PGF millions since away back on June 11



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Shane Jones, the Minister of Munificence,  in a joint statement with fellow Northlander and Deputy PM Winston Peters, wrapped up a week of handout investment announcements with news of more millions for the people of his patch in the Far North.  This time it was a sum of $7.5 million to help Northland ventures combat the economic impact of the COVID-19 virus.

The good people of the region would have been delighted.  They hadn’t heard from their PGF benefactors since … how long has it been?

Oh, yes.  Almost a fortnight.   Back on June 19 Jones attended a blessing on the site where a small-scale facility will be built as part of a water storage development intended to help a Far North iwi use its land for higher value horticulture.

But there had been no announcement of new money since June 11, when a further $37.5…

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