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2020 Politics War Room: Timothy L. O’Brien on the Methodology and Madness of Trump


June 11,2020

Few people have as deep and intimate an understanding of who Donald Trump is as a person as Bloomberg Opinion executive editor Timothy L. O’Brien. Not only has O’Brien written an entire biography of the man in his book “TrumpNation: “The Art of Being The Donald,” he was even sued by Trump for libel for giving a true account of the scope of the president’s financial worth. In due course, Timothy has actually become an astute observer of the Trump brand, peering beyond the fabricated persona to see what really lies beneath. Plus, Al and James discuss just what might happen if things don’t go well for Trump in November.

Podcast hosted by James Carville and Al Hunt

Chester James Carville Jr. is an American political consultant who has strategized for candidates for public office in the United States, and in 23 nations abroad. He is also a media personality with expertise in U.S. elections who continues to appear frequently on cable news programs during the 2020 election cycle, in podcasts, and in his public speeches

Albert Reinold “Al” Hunt Jr. is an American columnist for Bloomberg View, the editorial arm of Bloomberg News. Hunt hosted the Sunday morning talk show Political Capital on Bloomberg Television and was also a weekly panelist on CNN’s Capital Gang and Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields

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  1. Tom Hunter permalink
    07/07/2020 15:21

    From Issues & Insights

    Whatever his faults – and they are many – Trump has run one of, if not the, most conservative administrations, including Ronald Reagan’s. From the military buildup to supply-side tax cuts and deregulation, to judicial nominees, to immigration policies and education reform, he’s made a lasting difference on issues these never-Trump Republicans supposedly hold dear. And while he can be and often is his own worst enemy, Trump has been the victim of the most vicious, sustained smear campaign ever mounted by the liberal establishment.

    If these never-Trumpers succeed, they will not only have justified the left’s scorched earth political strategy, they will have handed over the White House and Congress to an increasingly radicalized Democratic Party. There will be a fire all right. And it will burn everything conservatives believe in.

    Even if a supposedly purified Republican Party were to win a national election again somewhere down the road, there wouldn’t be anything left to build on.


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