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4 Years of Thunder (1of4): Flying To War (WWI Aviation Documentary)


4 Years of Thunder (1of4): Flying To War (WWI Aviation Documentary)

World War I was the first time aeroplanes were deployed for warfare. The then rickety flying machines fought crucial dogfights as both sides struggled for air supremacy. Flying aces like Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, won fame and glory for their aerial expertise. Four Years of Thunder reveals, for the first time, the inside story of the air war in World War I with the use of some of the most stunning and authentic footage ever assembled.

The classic fighters of WWI were tough, deadly flying machines. Both sides spread terror with giant strategic bombers; spy flights gathered intelligence about the enemy.

In autumn, 1916, the Germans introduced a deadly new fighter, the Albatross. The British replied with the Sopwith Camel – underpowered, but superbly agile.

In 1915, the French fitted the plane with a machine gun, firing through the propeller arc – it was a devastating weapon. Germany discovered the secret, and built their own.

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