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New Culture Forum – So What You Are Saying Is: Police Failed By Leadership


July 17, 2020

On this episode of “So What You’re Saying Is…” our guest is Kevin Hurley, the former police & crime commissioner & ex- Met Police chief who recently made headlines after Sky News’s Adam Boulton seemed to cut him off for saying that officers have ‘given up’ trying to stop young black men carrying weapons and accusing #BLM of aiming to destabilise society.

Hugely disturbed by recent scenes of police retreating or running away from scenes of mass anti-social behaviour, the former detective superintendent believes that constables have ‘given up’ enforcing the law on young black Britons for fear of jeopardising their careers.

Policing in the UK, he believes, has changed since the huge riots of 2011, which he regards as a “crushing defeat” and an appalling failure of strategic leadership and preparation. The police tactic then and since appears to be one of simply waiting for rioters to get tired.

Mr. Hurley argues that the senior leadership of the police are the root of the problem and have lost the confidence of the rest of the police force (constables and sergeants etc.). The police who are in the front line have become demoralised by the actions and statements of their leaders, he continues

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