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Stephen Colbert: Trump Sends Thugs To Arrest Portland Protesters, Threatens Chicago And New York May Be Next


July 21, 2020

President Trump is doubling down on his strategy of using unidentified government operatives to intimidate, assault and violate the civil rights of peaceful protesters, warning from the Oval Office on Monday that Chicago and New York may be targeted next

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  1. Looking for the Truth permalink
    22/07/2020 13:14

    Oh dear oh dear.
    Anti Trump ism at its worst.

    Some facts.
    It was a special unit of Homeland Security. Not thugs, although some of their behaviour may seem thuggish.
    Local Mayors didnt restore order and provide protection to its citizens.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The President is sworn(like failure Mayors) to uphold the constitution.

    Peacful protestors??
    oh not the ones burning, looting and assaulting citizens?

    Colbert is an idiot looking for ratings.
    What about the civil rights of peaceful citizens to go about their lawful business?


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