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Joolz Guides: Marvellously Spiffing London Tour of Pimlico


If you’re wondering what to do in London why not take a tour of Pimlico. Joolz Guides are for people who like wandering around London and learning a few interesting fun facts whilst hearing some banter in the form of a walking tour. It’s very near Westminster and very popular with members of Parliament as a home. The architecture around the whole of Pimlico is beautiful and it’s amazing to think it used to be marsh land. Then Thomas Cubitt built all these wonderful stucco houses attracting people like Winston Churchill, Noel Coward, Vivienne Leigh, Aubrey Beardsley and many many more. Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in Pimlico and there is the usual helping of vice, debauchery, scandal and fun facts about London. Pimlico is also where the Chelsea Bun was invented and we also visit Chelsea Bridge, the Chelsea Hospital, Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens and see where Mozart composed his first symphony. There’s also a visit to the secret tunnel under the Tate Britain which used to be Millbank Penitentiary. Anyone with ancestors transported to Australia should find it interesting! The there’s the Grosvenor Canal and the Bazagette Western Pumping Station.

Love these videos, as he visits so many places I knew when I lived and worked in London.

Many years ago I lived in St. Georges Square, Pimlico

Incredibly nostalgic.

This one was uploaded to You Tube on Jan 06, 2020

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