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RNZ – Caucus: ‘Didn’t that escalate quickly?’


This episodeAugust 13, 2020

Campaigns suspended just as they began. Election day in doubt. And – following the ‘words beginning with C’ theme from last week’s Caucus podcast – heated debate over conspiracies and constitutional conventions as Covid returns to the community. This week in politics has been a disaster for Election 2020; you might even call it a cluster%$&!.. MORE AT LINK

About this podcast

Campaigns. Culture. Character. And perhaps most of all, Covid-19. As the House rises and politicians hit the road to pitch their woo to voters, those issues will be front of mind for the candidates.

They were also where the new season of politics podcast Caucus began today. This year RNZ journalists Guyon Espiner, Lisa Owen and Tim Watkin are joined by former Gallery reporter, political commentator and strategic advisor, Scott Campbell.

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