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David Parker’s hubris and arrogance, symptoms of an increasingly authoritarian government


So the government acted unlawfully for the first nine days of the lockdown.
Does AG Parker apologise and say future matters will be more rigorously addressed.

No, he continues a government habit of effectively ignoring the law, eg Ihumatao and claims because the judges stupidly, in my view said the lockdown was justified that therefore it did not matter.

Furthermore, an appeal by the government has not been ruled out.

This is an arrogant, hubristic response from Parker, who is a senior minister, in an arrogant and increasingly authoritarian government.

For example Hipkins recent statement that the only truth came from the government. An out and out lie as we know.

Then there was Ardern’s briefing yesterday where she had the temerity to claim the government had been open and transparent throughout this pandemic. Balderdash.

This is very disturbing, and points up the Ardern regimes trend towards authoritarian rule this together with their demonstrated incompetence and economic stupidity is very worrying.

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