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Team let down


The omnishambles gets worse by the day, yet still the cult of Saint Jacinda fed by much of the media persists. With the honourable exception of Michael Morrah, the media has performed too much like a PR machine for the government. TVNZ has been especially bad in this regard, in my view. An excellent post from Homepaddock.


We were told to stay home in our bubbles and we did, even though we now know that the government wasn’t acting lawfully in ordering us to do so for the first nine days.

A Full Bench (three Judges) of the High Court has made a declaration that, for the 9 day period between 26 March and 3 April 2020, the Government’s requirement that New Zealanders stay at home and in their bubbles was justified, but unlawful.  . . 

The government, not surprisingly has seized on the word justified.

It should however be concentrating on unlawful so it learns from its mistake and doesn’t repeat it as it has repeated several other mistakes most glaring of which are those that led to most people working at the border where they could be exposed to Covid-19 not being tested for the disease.

When most of us did, and continue to…

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