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Better border policy



National has announced a much better border policy:

A National Government will inject some steel into our first line of defence against COVID-19 by delivering robust border systems that will keep the virus at bay and allow our economy to thrive, National Party Leader Judith Collins says.

You can read National’s Border Policy Document here

“The threat of COVID-19 will be with us for years to come and National is committed to safeguarding the health of all New Zealanders, as well as the wider economy.”

National’s border security plan includes:

    • Establishing ‘Te Korowai Whakamaru/NZ Border Protection Agency’ to provide comprehensive oversight and management of COVID-19 at the border, as well as other public health threats.

This is sensible and had it been done months ago would have avoided the shemozzle of what at best has been miscommunication between the government, the Ministry of Health and workers at the border.

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