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Murder Call: S01E03


Wheelchair bound Spinner congratulates himself on finishing a piece of artwork by pouring a cold beer and logging on to his favourite internet games forum. His pleasure is short lived, however, as a shadow falls across him and a lead pipe takes him out of the game… permanently. Tessa and Steve arrive on the scene to find the killer has taken the time to send the message “”Spinner Resigns”” over the internet to the victim’s games partner. The murder takes on new importance when Dee reveals she knows the victim. While Dee tries to come to terms with her friend’s murder, Steve and Tessa struggle to put together the pieces of the puzzle. With a young high-tech 1990s feel and just a touch of 1940s retro charm, Murder Call follows a classic clue-puzzle plot, combining mystery, action and suspense, spiked with humour, romance and a touch of the bizarre. The series deals with the cases confronted by an unconventional team of homicide detectives, Tessa Vance and Steve Hayden.

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