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Nicola Willis on Taranaki Green School Funding Decision + Teachers reaction


Earlier today from David Farrar

Stuff reports:

The Green Party has been caught bending its own party policy after a private school in Taranaki was given $11.7 million to fund an expansion programme.

The money comes from the Government’s $3 billion shovel-ready projects fund, and was announced in a press release from Greens co-leader James Shaw who said the grant to Green School New Zealand would help the school expand its roll from 120 students to 250, creating 200 jobs.

This is a private for profit school that charges between $24,000 and $43,000 a year. It doesn’t even have full registration, yet it just got given $12 million.

Even if you accept the spin it will help expand the roll by 120 students that is $100,000 per student. But the last data the Ministry of Education has is it has 11 domestic students.

Then we have this

Massive hypocrisy from the Greens, but oh so typical of the Greens, like the rest of this corrupt government they give money to their favourites

But as well there is this

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