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Treasury throws light on the Govt’s balancing trick while Jones tries to tip the scales in his favour


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While Shane Jones, Minister of Munificence, was splashing more millions into his Northland home patch, Finance Minister Grant Robertson was preparing to release Budget documents which (he tells us)  highlight the Government’s strong focus on keeping the balance between responding to COVID-19 and careful economic management.

The documents account for  Budget 2020 and COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund decisions and COVID Fund decisions agreed at Cabinet on 6 July.

Most of the numbers in the Beehive press statement are in millions of dollars but a smaller one without any monetary value invited our curiosity.

Robertson observed:

“We have invested significant resources into supporting New Zealand businesses and workers, and cushioning the blow of this 1-in-100 year economic shock.”

Where (we wonder) does one in 100 come from?

Fair to say, one in 100 is far below the level of electoral support showing for Jones, according to…

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