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New Culture Forum: Counter Culture: TOO WOKE TO JOKE? Has Political Correctness Killed Comedy or is it Thriving — Just Not on BBC/MSM?


* Simon Evans (BBC Live At The Apollo; Michael McIntyre’s Road Show; Rado 4 News Quiz, etc.) * Konstantin Kisin (Jewish Comedian of the Year; Triggernometry, free speech media pundit, etc.) * Dominic Frisby (co-Host’s “Money Pit” on Dave; “17 Million F*&K Offs” Brexit hit song; Brexit Party PPC, etc.) * Rafe Heydel-Mankoo (Historian & Broadcaster with huge knowledge of 20th C. British Comedy)

On this week’s #NCFCounterCulture with Marc Sidwell, our expert panel, including three seasoned veterans of the stand-up circuit — some of whom are often “accused” of being right wing — believe great comedy is out there…just not necessarily on the BBC.

BBC comedy is regularly criticised for its dominance by comedians sharing a left-wing / liberal / woke viewpoint.

Critics claim this imbalance excludes comedians and comedic subjects that do not fit with this world view — and thus falls flat for a large % of the British public. Are they correct?

If so, is this an issue for the BBC alone? Or is it evidence that comedy as a whole is struggling in the era of “Woke”, where comedians must constantly self censor for fear of causing offence or having promising careers curtailed by a Twitter storm?

Our panel believes that comedy is in fact thriving & maybe in a new Golden Age — if only the British public were better exposed to it or knew where to look. Thankfully, the rise of Netflix, YouTube and other new online platforms means that viewers no longer need to have their comedy “approved” by the state broadcaster’s commissioning editors. The market now decides who is funny — and many of the comedians faring best have had little to no exposure on the mainstream media.

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