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Another Ardern stuff up re Covid response


Jason Wall writes at NZ Herald on the Ardern regime’s latest Covid-19 testing misinformation

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is quite rightly “incredibly angry” at her officials for pushing out incorrect Covid-19 testing information.

But New Zealanders have every right to be incredibly angry at the Government for letting that official message remain unchanged for almost an entire day.

A whole day was the time this misinformation was left uncorrected.

Walls noted:

The fact that the stuff-up occurred in the first instance beggars belief.

Why, the government constantly stuffs up on this issue.

The information affected roughly 700,000 people in South and West Auckland.

Ardern was “incredibly angry” about this “wrong” information being published on official channels, and rightly so.

She said she was told about the incorrect messaging late on Sunday morning and made it clear it needed to be fixed.

Why was it not noticed and fixed earlier? Why did she not insist it was fixed immediately? Why was it not fixed as soon as it was noticed?

Ardern revealed the information was incorrect at her 1pm press conference on Sunday afternoon.

Even then, she waited to be asked about the post rather than issuing the correction in her opening statement – a statement watched by hundreds of thousands of people each day.

Why did she not address this issue at the start of her press briefing? If she had not been asked would she have ignored the issue?

Ardern said she had made it clear to the officials involved that they needed to fix the error.

Despite this, the post remained on the Unite Against Covid-19 Instagram page until almost 1.30pm.

Ardern should be furious at officials for this botch up – but New Zealanders should be equally as angry at the Government for not fixing the issue faster.

Why should anyone accept anything the Government says on this issue anymore?

Ardern and her advisers are all spin, but achievement and truth are absent.

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