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EQC legislation shake-up should be helpful for property owners after future quakes (including East Coast cabin dwellers)


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Nothing announced from the Beehive at the weekend looks likely to trigger angry marches on Parliament – or to incite strong emotions of any sort that might affect our voting behaviour, come to think of it.  But the good people of a small East Coast settlement (some of them, anyway, depending on their tribal affiliations) may well be rejoicing at a housing initiative announced in their favour today.

Something much more substantial was announced an hour or so later in the form of news that EQC’s operations and legislation will change in response to the Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission, undertaken by Dame Silvia Cartwright.

This week marks 10 years since the Darfield-centred earthquake, the first in a series of devastating Canterbury quakes.

In the aftermath of those disasters, EQC shortcomings resulted in botched repairs and years of trauma and uncertainty for the victims.

Finance Minister…

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