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Green School funding: James Shaw contradicts Chris Hipkins on implicit approval in leaked video


The Green School debacle gets ever more murky

RNZ reports

A leaked video of last week’s Green Party crisis call shows James Shaw claimed the controversial Green School funding was given “verbal sign-off” by Minister of Education Chris Hipkins. MORE AT LINK

In the video clip, Shaw tells members that Hipkins “wasn’t intimately involved in the decision” but gave it tacit approval in a conversation.

“He did, sort of, give at least a verbal sign-off to the project,” Shaw said.

“He did say that – assuming everything else being equal – as long as the funding partner is the [Taranaki District] Council, which it is, that he was okay with it.”

Hipkins turned down RNZ’s request for an interview, but, in a statement, said he made clear to Shaw the funding would not come out of the education sector’s budget.

He acknowledged he also told the Greens co-leader: “Apart from that, do what you have to do.”

So this just got more weird

Who is lying?

Is everybody lying?

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