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Payne’s Politics: Tracking the virus before schools return


August 08, 2020

Boris Johnson’s government has been warned by the opposition that it has less than a month to fix the test, track and trace system to get pupils back into schools, while avoiding another coronavirus outbreak. Can it be done? Plus, we delve into the biggest shake-up in England’s housing planning rules since the second world war and whether it will lead to beautiful new buildings or ugly eyesores.

Presented by Sebastian Payne, with George Parker, Sarah Neville, Robert Shrimsley and George Hammond. This episode was produced by Anna Dedhar. Our sound engineer is Breen Turner and our editor is Liam Nolan. Theme music by Metaphor Music. Review clips: BBC and Parliament.

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Sebastian Payne takes you into the corridors of power to unwrap, analyse and debate British politics with a regular lineup of expert Financial Times correspondents and informed commentators. New episodes available every Saturday morning.

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