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Mike Hosking: We are economically our own worst enemies


16 September

We are one of the most open economies in the world – heard it before?

Yes, you have. It’s the Prime Minister sprooking our Covid success. She is comparing our economy to others. The fact it’s all a myth is separate to the fact she’s making the comparison.

Most of the world is open they’re not crippled the way we are with a handful of cases. But the comparison part is important, because over the next two days the government are going to be bending over backwards to avoid comparisons, because when we look to Australia, it will be confirmed they’ve spanked us economically: Their lockdown was superior and the facts and the numbers will prove it.

Grant Robertson last week on this show told me it’s not a game of rugby. It certainly isn’t – we don’t know how to host games of rugby. The Australians do, as we also learned last week with the championship debacle.MORE AT LINK

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