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The sum of $4000 remains a puzzle but the beneficent Beehive is braying about the millions is has dished out


Point of Order

While announcements on new policy or critiques of opposition policies  flow from the Labour Party, the Beehive website in the past day or two has brought news of government spending decisions.

This has drawn attention to some of the array of troughs available for oinkers hungering for a financial lift.

The press officers engaged in this work, alas, have been much too busy to answer Point of Order’s questions to Finance Minister Grant Robertson – or even to acknowledge receipt of our emails.

We sought clarification about a figure Robertson used while mocking the Nats for bungling their fiscal costings …

“On Friday National threw out a desperate economic policy that included $4.7 billion of tax cuts that would give Judith Collins $4,000 at a time when New Zealand needs to be investing in services like health and education for our future.”

Is something missing, we inquired? $4000 of what?

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