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Let the record show Seddon House was bought for $400,000 – and then let’s wonder if it will be renamed


Point of Order

It’s great to get prompt feedback – and that’s what we got in response to our raising questions about the Government’s $22 million investment in a bit of real estate in Hokitika.

A Beehive press officer contacted us to question our headline, which said: DOC staff in Hokitika could have been housed for a song a few years ago – now it will cost us $22 million.

The Beehive staffer said this suggests the Govt is spending $22m buying Seddon House when it could have been bought “for a song” some years ago.

But this (he contended) was misleading because: 

“The vast bulk of the $22m is going towards the restoration of building with only $400k on the actual purchase.”

The Beehive staffer acknowledged this  detail wasn’t included in the announcement on the website.

He also sent us the background notes that  accompanied the full press release to the Greystar

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