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Payne’s Politics: Tory tribes go back to war


September 19 2020

Boris Johnson found himself in another parliamentary stand-off over Brexit legislation this week, and eventually found a compromise with rebellious Conservative MPs. Why is the prime minister struggling with his party and is he becoming a diminished figure in Westminster? Plus, with the takeover by US chipmaker Nvidia of British-based chip designer Arm, and Hitachi’s decision to withdraw from a major nuclear power project in Wales, does the UK have a coherent industrial policy?

Presented by Sebastian Payne, with George Parker, Robert Shrimsley, Jim Pickard and Peggy Hollinger. Produced by Anna Dedhar and Josh de la Mare. The sound engineer is Breen Turner. The editors were Liam Nolan and Aimee Keane. Music by Metaphor Music.

Review clips: US government, UK Parliament, Sky News.

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