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Dr. Gideon Fell: The Hollow Man #1/2 – Donald Sinden


Donald Sinden stars as eccentric amateur sleuth Gideon Fell in these two full-cast BBC radio dramatisations of stories by John Dickson Carr.

One of the pre-eminent detectives of crime fiction’s Golden Age, Dr Gideon Fell is stout, jovial and fond of beer and band music. However, he also possesses a razor-sharp mind and extraordinary powers of deduction, which are frequently put to the test as he is called upon to solve seemingly impossible crimes. Created by the master of the locked-room mystery, John Dickson Carr, Dr Fell appeared in 23 novels, several short stories and plays, and numerous radio adaptations. These dramas, first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1997, see him embroiled in inexplicable cases that have the police baffled.

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