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A Horseman Riding By Episode 9 – Death of a Hero


A Horseman Riding By is a 1966 novel sequence by R. F. Delderfield that starts in 1902 at the tail end of the Boer War and is continued in the sequel to end in the summer of 1965. It is set in Devon in the early 20th century. It was to some extent an elegy for the traditional society which was blown apart by the First World War. Delderfield wrote at least one sequel: some accounts describe it as part of a trilogy, but this may be due to confusion because it was published in two parts in the USA.

After a three-part radio adaptation broadcast on the BBC Home Service and BBC Radio 4 in 1967, starring William Lucas, Josephine Tewson and Hilda Schroder,[1] the first part of the novel and the World War I portion of the second were dramatised as a BBC 13-part television serial, starring Nigel Havers, Prunella Ransome and Glyn Houston, broadcast on Sunday evenings from 24 September 1978. The series was never repeated on any BBC channel, but was released on DVD in 2004. The BBC did not adapt the remainder of the series of novels, but a few years later they adapted two more of Delderfield’s novels, To Serve Them All My Days and Diana.

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