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US presidential election: polls show it’s a close race in swing states


Point of Order

The United States of America stands on the cusp tomorrow (Wednesday NZ time) as 257 million Americans vote for their next president and a host of Congressional and senatorial candidates. On the eve, President Donald Trump trails by 10% among voters facing substantial public anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic but with broad approval of his management of the economy, according to the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News polls.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump, 52% to 42%, in the poll’s final reading of voter opinion before Election Day, essentially unchanged from Biden’s 11-point advantage in mid-October. In particular, women and seniors have turned against the president, the poll finds, with both groups favouring Biden by double-digit margins.

Surveys finds the race tightening when the landscape is narrowed to a set of 12 battleground states.  Biden holds a 6-point lead across those states, 51% to 45%, compared with a…

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