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There’s one certainty after votes are tallied in a close presidential election: the US will remain sharply divided


Point of Order

Joe Biden was continuing  to inch ahead in the race for the White House at the time this item was posted, but a clear result is not expected for two days. Most recent counting has Biden with 248 Electoral College votes to Donald Trump’s 214. 

The Democrats’ “blue wall” failed to materialise, as had been predicted in the expectation that early voting would favour them in all races.   

The results so far have left the Democrats devastated and already recriminations have begun. Was Biden’s campaign too laid back and socially-distanced? Did the prospect he would serve only one term matter, because who would follow him?   Was he really too old and tired-looking compared with Trump’s manifest energy in the closing stages of the campaign?

Did Trump’s taunts that “Sleepy Joe” had had 47 years in Washington DC and “hadn’t really achieved anything” resonate strongly in the rural and old…

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