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Sunday Night Movie: Madam Pimpernel/Paris Underground (1945) – Constance Bennett, Gracie Fields


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A 1945 film starring Constance Bennett and Gracie Fields, both were coming to the end of their film careers. Tightly directed by Gregory Ratoff. Both Bennett and Fields, are trapped in Nazi paris, they go on to rescue shot down airmen, and help them reach the English Channel. The film was released some five months after VE day in October 1945.

The Movie is quite light weight but has a powerful ending. I feel Fields was a natural actress, and this film shows just that to great effect. Bennett is more of a glamour puss really, with slight moments of reality and grit.

Both stars had nothing in common and did not speak off set. Gracie had never liked film so this was her last one after 14 years

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