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Neil Oliver: Was a statue toppling filmed with smartphones “assembled by modern day slaves”? – talkRADIO with Mike Graham


June 11, 2020

Well known archaeologist, historian and TV presenter Neil Oliver on talkRadio in the UK

Archaeologist and TV Presenter Neil Oliver told Mike Graham today that he does not think selectively editing the past by removing statues will lead to any kind of productive or happy future.

Neil found it “highly ironic” that he was able to watch a statue of Edward Colston being “torn down” in Bristol because protesters had filmed it on their smartphones, adding “many of those smartphones assembled by modern day slaves…and people were wearing clothes from sweatshops”.

He said taking historical figures out of the context in which they lived is something that could lead to more brutal things like “the guillotine”. Neil asked who has the “moral purity and moral certainty” to be able to make the judgement of what should and should not be removed.

Neil says “we need more understanding of history, you don’t do away with history because you’re embarrassed by or ashamed of it

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