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New Culture Forum – So What You’re Saying Is: David Kurten: Why I Launched the Heritage Party to Combat the Progressive & Globalist Agenda


October 23,2020

This was very interesting and is very relevant

On this week’s #SWYSI, Peter Whittle is joined by his London Assembly colleague David Kurten, leader of the newly launched Heritage Party ( They discuss the London police’s selective approach to policing protests — apparently turning a blind eye to Black Lives Matter & Extinction Rebellion whilst coming down hard on anti-Lockdown protestors. For David, it seems as if we have “political policing”: those causes Mayor Sadiq Khan supports get a free pass whereas those that he dislikes get the full force of the law. David Kurten, a scientist with a Master’s degree in chemistry, questions a lot of the Covid information that the mainstream media are reporting. He also provides an insight into the mindset that pervades the London Assembly and what he thinks of the policies of Mayor Khan, whom he hopes to replace at the next election.

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