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New Ministers bray about equal pay law changes that were initiated back in the John Key era


Yet again a National initiative is taken as a Labour win and the MSm says nothing

Point of Order

Hurrah.  The first announcements and proclamations from newly appointed ministers in the Ardern government have been posted on The Beehive website.

There’s an appropriately diplomatic expression of congratulations from the PM to US president Joe Biden and an appropriately respectful tribute to former New Zealand International Film Festival director Bill Gosden.  And Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood and Minister for Women Jan Tinetti have jointly declared that changes to New Zealand’s Equal Pay Act came into force on Saturday.

In the case of the blow struck for equal pay, we can’t complain about rushed legislation.

Acknowledgement should be given (but hasn’t been in the press statement) to initiatives that hark back to the third term of the Key Government.

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