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DW: Incredible India: Exploring Delhi


February 22, 2018

India’s big cities are famous for their lively hustle and bustle. A documentary exploring beauty, justice, health and beer in India’s capital territory, Delhi.

Delhi has a population of almost twenty million, and to film-maker Markus Spieker it sometimes seems as if Delhi has twice as many stories to tell: stories ranging from the traditional to the modern, from happiness to misery. He takes the viewer into the heart of the Old Town and into the modern Cyberhub, into malodorous canteens and exclusive restaurants.

India is a country with incredible stories and huge contrasts. Metropolises like Delhi are growing at a tremendous rate. No matter how well you know the area, there is always something new to discover. As well as street cafés and exclusive restaurants, this documentary visits India’s biggest hospital and the practices of plastic surgeons, the “Kingdom of Dreams” and gloomy ghettos. We meet star chefs and street cooks who compete to see who can bake the best pita bread. We encounter cult dancers, hard rock fans of a different kind, and the world record holder in holding world records. This is a documentary film for those who like to marvel, smile, and enjoy.

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