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BBC World’s Busiest Railway Series “MUMBAI” #4/4 (2015)


In this final episode, Dan Snow, Anita Rani, Robert Llewellyn and John Sergeant consider the challenges faced by the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai and ask what the future holds. Nine people a day die on Mumbai’s railway lines. Anita tackles the railway’s head of safety on the measures they’re taking to reduce this fatality rate. Dan meets two eyewitnesses to 2008’s terror attacks that claimed the lives of 52 people at the station. He also takes a ride on Mumbai’s newly built Metro to consider what the future could hold for the city’s 5.5 million rail commuters. John Sergeant is in the Western Ghats, one of India’s biggest mountain ranges, revealing the heavy human cost of building the line that connects Mumbai to the south and east of India. Robert fulfills a childhood dream and becomes a train driver for a day, and Anita tries her hand at station announcing.

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