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Al Jazeera – The Listening Post: The post-election media divide in the US


November 18′ 2020

On The Listening Post:

Media outlets in the United States face a reckoning as they struggle to break up with Donald Trump. Contributors: Murtaza Hussain – reporter, The Intercept Maria Hinojosa – founder, Futuro Media Group Matt Taibbi – author and journalist Ashton Lattimore – editor-in-chief, Prism Reports

On our radar: Ethiopia erupts. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Johanna Hoes about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s order to send troops into the northern region of Tigray while completely cutting off any forms of communication – barring journalists and banning the internet. Autopsy of an Ethiopian interview: Who killed Hachalu Hundessa? The last ever interview with Ethiopian singer, Hachalu Hundessa – and why everyone is poring over that tape, looking for clues in their search for who killed him. Contributors: Guyo Wariyo – former presenter, Oromia Media Network Bruh Yihunbelay – COO, Tirita FM Radio Tsedale Lemma – editor-in-chief, Addis Standard Alula Solomon – CEO, Tigrai Media Housel

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