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GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene


Who selects someone like this? What sort of political party allows a person like this to represent them? What sort of people vote for her?

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  1. Tom Hunter permalink
    02/02/2021 21:10

    Fantastic – another slam on a GOP nutter, whereas you have nothing to say about Democrat nutters like jew-hater Warnock and all-around nutter and grifter Maxine Waters.

    BTW – I see that you’re not posting much from the Lincoln Project anymore. Admittedly there reason for existance, OrangeManBad, is now out of power, but of course it could also be something to do with the fact that there leader has now been revealed as a Pedophile of two decades standing, while somehow his fellow grifter-TDS’rs like George Conway never knew about his predilections for young boys as he continued his fake marriage.

    Yeah – but Trump’s just awful isn’t he?


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