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Dairy prices and Fonterra’s re-establishment as a global  leader should be celebrated far beyond the cowsheds


Good news

Point of Order

The New Zealand economy, although battered  by the  Covid-19 pandemic, has  moved   into 2021  in  better  shape  than  anyone  might have predicted  just six months ago.

To  a degree  this has been due  to  the  continuing vibrant performance  in the export  sector  particularly  by the  primary industries. This  week  there  was a  fresh surge  of  confidence   within that sector  because of the signal from the big dairy co-op, Fonterra, in lifting its  milk payout  forecast.

Fonterra  now expects to pay farmers between $6.90-$7.50kg/MS. That is up 20c a kg from its previous forecast range of $6.70 -$7.30.

Analysts  had  seen this  coming  and  as  Point  of Order  has contended  in recent  posts  it is the  message the  rural regions  needed as  they made  plans for  the  coming year.

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