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The Ardern destruction of New Zealand


Karl du Fresne has an excellent piece which was published in the Spectator, Australian edition and on his blog.

It draws attention to the anti-democratic, racist actions of the Ardern regime. An example is the ramming through of the appalling new law for Maori wards.

Furthermore, it draws attention to the massive media bias present in NZ. Essentially, the media are just a fan club for Ardern.

Additionally it points out the dangers of the proposed new education curriculum.

Then, he notes how Labour and the Greens seek to destroy the economy with their climate change nonsense.

To cap it all, the regime proposes so called ’hate speech’ laws to control what we think, see and speak.

In my view we must resist this, before it is too late.

Ardern and her enablers are, much like Trump was in America, in my view embarked on the remaking of NZ into a racist, anti democratic society.

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