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NZ$50 million for what? Furthermore, I bet it’s not over yet! Never mind it’s only taxpayers money


Did we need to spend $50 million on the Pike River Recovery? In my view NO!

This was all about grandstanding by some of the families, the politicians such as Ardern and Peters.Plus of course salving the conscience of former union leader Andrew Little.

In effect Key and English have been largely vindicated.

However, I suspect the farrago will continue, as the ‘families’ will continue to make claims and the government will indulge them. If only for the distraction the Pike River Show provides from their many failures elsewhere.

Plus as if any proof of media bias was required, the media which , if I remember correctly was always on at Key and English about re-turning to the mine, have been very quiet about this. Yet millions of dollars have been wasted.

We need accountability for this mess. Little should resign all his Ministerial positions immediately.

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