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Mike Hosking: Mike’s Minute: Trevor Mallard scandal isn’t, and shouldn’t be, over – UPDATED and Ardern’s Labour compared to Trump’s GOP


Now I originally posted this about a week ago, but a few further thoughts occurred to me. So please read on.

February 10,2021

In the podcast Mike Hosking draws attention to the way that the Ardern led Labour Party has seemed to have closed it’s mind, eyes and ears to the way in which Mallard has behaved.

It was seeing this again and with Trump’s second impeachment fresh in my mind, I was struck by how in several ways Ardern’s Labour Party resembles Trump’s Republican Party.

Let’s take a look, shall we:-

1 Two party leaders who dominate their party

2 Many elected MPs who owe their electorate success to Ardern, similarly there are many GOP politicians, especially in the House, who rode on the back of Trump.

3 Both parties maintained a strong presence in the polls, despite a lack of performance

4 Substantial voter support, essentially due to the party leader

5 Strong media support in the US from Fox, plus strong conservative media. In NZ the broadcast and major print media are largely a fan club for Ardern.

6 Weak Cabinets, and relative nonentities as Deputy Leader, especially in NZ

7 Neither party, nor their leaders seem to deal in facts. Ardern and Trump both seem happiest when posturing for the public and the media.

8 Both parties are tainted by scandal and the whiff of corruption.

It is very concerning how so much alike the two parties are.

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