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Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation (1969) – E02/13 – The Great Thaw


Episode List

E01/13 – The Skin of Our Teeth

E02/13 – The Great Thaw

E03/13 – Romance and Reality

E04/13 – Man: The Measure of All Things

E05/13 – The Hero As Artist

E06/13 – Protest and Communication

E07/13 – Grandeur and Obedience

E08/13 – The Light of Experience

E09/13 – The Pursuit of Happiness

E10/13 – The Smile of Reason

E11/12 – The Worship of Nature

E12/12 – The Fallacies of Hope

E13/13 – Heroic Materialism

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  1. 21/02/2021 20:09

    Wow, flashback! Civilization was my high school history textbook in 1975.


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