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The Briefing Room: “Turmoil” in the SNP


Podcast from BBC Radio 4

February 12,2021

The prospect of independence for Scotland may never have been brighter for the SNP. Elections to Holyrood are due in May, and the party has promised to seek a new referendum on independence if it gains a majority. Yet, at the same time, a prominent SNP MP concluded this week that the “turmoil” within her party was “unprecedented”. Others have talked about “the fight to the death” that is taking place between supporters of the Party Leader, Nicola Sturgeon, and her predecessor as leader, Alex Salmond. The feud has its roots in a government investigation of Mr Salmond in 2018 which led to him being charged with a number of sexual offences. A jury cleared Mr Salmond on all counts last year. So what’s going on in the SNP? How can it be so apparently popular While being so deeply divided? And how might this affect its ambitions of an independent Scotland?

With BBC Scotland editor, Sarah Smith; journalist Dani Garavelli, and Professor of Politics Sir John Curtice

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