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The ‘triumph’ of Megan Woods


Hot on the heels of a ‘major success’ in homing 12 families under the PHO scheme, achieved only after months of effort, Minister Woods trumpets another ‘success’ for this priority programme. By year end another 68 families will have benefited. Indeed, Woods celebrated the initial ‘major’ success with video featuring of course, Megan Woods.

So in a time of crisis, Woods celebrated not an achievement, but the possibility of an achievement, ie an announcement. Bizarre, especially given the original promises for KiwiBuild, Labour’s Big Promise in 2014.

Even more weird was this:

It is 12 families, not the miracle of the loaves and fishes

I sense desperation is setting in, as we are halfway through Ardern’s second term. The regime has no substantive achievements to point to.

To trumpet this as a significant success is a nonsense.

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