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Democracy or Partnership – what do we want?


Excellent post, highlights key issues of concern. We must have full and open discussion of these issues.

Barrie Saunders

The departure of Donald Trump from the White House was a victory for the US democratic system, which only just succeeded.If then Vice President Mike Pence had wavered under enormous pressure from President Trump and his cult-like supporters, Joe Biden might not be in the White House and there would have been serious civil disorder.The Republicans haven’t given up, they are now trying to make voting more difficult in several states.Democracy is a model under threat from many quarters, and losing around the world.

It is easy to forget how recently democracy has become mainstream.In Britain women over the age of 21 only got the vote in 1928 and in the US, universal suffrage only became accessible to all Afro-Americans in the last 55 years, because, prior to the 1960s voting reforms, there was serious voter suppression in parts of the country.Some former East European countries like Hungary have retreated…

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