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Nostalgia for the days of free speech


Yes it is humourous, but there is a serious point being made and that is about free speech, the context of when words are used, coupled with the fact that what is written or said refers to someone else’s beliefs. Beliefs, which in a free society, you are entitled to argue against. Yet neither side should be able to foist their views upon you, and compel you to say you must only say and think those things. That is wrong, but we see it happening daily. Moreover, many do not seem to understand how they are acquiescing in the erosion of free speech and thought. Like many pernicious creeds, the attack is insidious and is couched in the language of being kind to Xxxxx, and protecting the rights of yyyyy. Before, you know it our basic rights are erased, our language has been degraded and the thought police are in control.

Thus we verify this

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  1. 01/04/2021 17:43

    Silly Slang song by Irish Australian Eric Bogle covers the above nicely


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