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Ardern tells lies #26 – Vaccination rates


April 07,2021

A series looking at things Jacinda Ardern says

Ardern appears to have been exposed as lying again, or to be charitable she had been poorly prepared for the interview, where yet again she was hubristic.

These numbers, if correct, expose, again the woeful performance which appears to be the norm for the MOH. It adds further to the points I made here.

Ardern has no idea, she is no leader, she is a PR construct and needs a script.

Furthermore, Arden was the leader who said there was no need to lie in politics, in one of the 2017 debates

She is arrogant, hubristic and out of touch. However, she is beloved by the media and has hoodwinked many into supporting her. Indeed she has achieved global fame, without actually doing anything, but she does it very well.

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