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Marry in haste, repent at leisure?: Faafoi wants quick action on mega public broadcaster


That is an old saying which was brought to mind by this item on RNZ Checkpoint

Why the haste now, this project has been around for a long period?

It seems to me this group has been established not to consider whether this should happen, on which issue there has been, I believe no substantive public debate, but on the mechanisms to make it happen.

The idea of one mega, state owned broadcaster coupled with other media being state subsidised either directly, or through advertising, is repugnant no matter which political group holds the government benches.

Media in NZ is too sycophantic to the government, especially the current regime, therefore this further concentration of information flow is abhorrent.

We need to question this now. I suspect that we will regret this move.

Furthermore why is the working group being headed by former Cabinet Minister Tracey Martin?

There is not even, it seem, a pretence at having an independent group.

More and more frequently democracy in NZ is being eroded.

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