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Naive and appalled says one observer, but situation at MOH raises various serious questions


Juliet Moses comments on the shocking, nay appalling situation revealed in Henry Cooke’s article concerning reporting on mental health by the MOH.

The article by Cooke, reveals a very concerning situation at the MOH, which I would point out comes after the issues revealed elsewhere in the MOH by the Simpson-Roche report and those in the Verrall Report previously.

Taken together, these suggest a number of questions and issues need to be addressed:

  • Top leadership, just how competent is the senior leadership, is Bloomfield capable or is he floundering?
  • Is the leadership team united or dysfunctional ?
  • Given that the government, led by Ardern , has repeatedly used the phrase “open and transparent” why was the data massaged?
  • Given that Ardern had signaled 2020 was the year of delivery, was the obfuscation by MOH officials entered into on their own initiative, or was it a result of direction from the Minister? Especially given the failure of other flagship policies?
  • Does the MOH have a culture of secrecy?

These are some of the questions that arise, but I will return to this issue for example what actions are being taken, regarding Simpson Roche?

Following the Cooke article, what actions have or will be taken?

Has the State Services Commission become involved?

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